The Pink Room

Follow the journey of young girls caught in the turbulent world of sex slavery, the fastest growing multi billion dollar criminal industry in the world.

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Cast in Sand

Two extraordinary women display resilience and courage as they strive for happiness in desert refugee camps.

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A Second Chance

Olive Tree Pictures interviews Oscar-Winning Student Documentary director of "A Second Chance", David Aristizabal.

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Welcome to Olive Tree Pictures - African girl smiling

Our Mission

Olive Tree Pictures exists to empower nonprofits and ministries to tell their life transforming stories through documentaries and films.

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New Horizons - Young man looks on

New Horizons

New Horizons partners with Seattle’s street kids on their journey to a sustainable future.

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Farmers of the Future - Three African boys water plants

Farmers of the Future

Eliminate Poverty Now promotes economic development and educational opportunity in Africa.

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Here's Life Inner City - Man hands another man a blanket

Here's Life Inner City

Here’s Life Inner City serves the homeless and marginalized populations in New York City.

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Serv International - African children look into camera

Serv International

Serv International engages in global projects that make life change personal.

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Our Mission

Olive Tree Pictures distributes life transforming films, documentaries, and short films, empowering filmmakers, while donating 1/3 of its gross proceeds to non-profits.

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